Why is Ajloun olive oil considered the best olive oil in Jordan?

لماذا يعتبر زيت زيتون عجلون افضل زيت زيتون بالاردن ؟

Since ancient times, olive trees have been a symbol of peace, life and well-being, and have been associated with heritage and culture in many different civilizations. In this context, Jordan is considered one of the countries rich in the diversity of olive trees, which are a source of luxurious olive oil extracted with the utmost care. Ajloun olive oil is considered one of the best olive oils in Jordan, as it is distinguished by its unique flavor and high nutritional value. It is a product of the ancient Maharas trees, which are considered one of the oldest genetic varieties of olive trees in the Mediterranean region.

In this topic, we will review the history of Ajloun olive oil and its cultural and economic importance, and how scientific research has proven its superiority and high quality. We invite you to discover the benefits of this unique oil and taste its wonderful flavor by purchasing it directly from our online platform, where we offer you the best products with the highest standards of quality and food safety, with the possibility of fast delivery to your doorstep. Join us on a unique tasting journey and enjoy the authentic taste of Ajloun olive oil!

Note: This article is based on the results of a recent study on different types of oils in Jordan.

Olive oil is one of the oldest food oils used in the world, and is famous for its many and varied health benefits. In Jordan, Ajloun olive oil is considered one of the best types of olive oil, thanks to its high quality, unique flavor and high nutritional value.

Historical origin and cultural heritage:

The “Mahras” olives that grow in Ajloun are considered one of the oldest genetic varieties of olives in the Mediterranean region. This variety dates back more than a thousand years, and is considered part of the cultural and agricultural heritage of the region. Studies show that this olive variety has a long and deep history in the region, and is linked to Jordanian history and culture.

Quality and flavor of the best olive oil in Jordan:

زيت زيتون عجلون 2023

Ajloun olive oil is distinguished by its high quality and unique and distinctive flavour. It contains a high percentage of oleic fatty acids, up to 70%, which makes it one of the best types of olive oil in terms of chemical composition and nutritional value. It also contains an oil content of up to 28%, which is one of the highest percentages among olive varieties in the world.

Nutritional value and health benefits:

Ajloun olive oil is a rich source of antioxidants and vitamin E, which helps protect against chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer. It also contains a high polyphenol content, making it an excellent health option.

Contributing to scientific and agricultural research:

The olive studies in Ajloun are part of a national plan led by the National Center for Agricultural Research (NARC) in partnership with many researchers at Jordanian universities to document genetic maps for several species and breeds of agriculturally important crops and animals.

Sustainability and biodiversity:

افضل زيت في

The “Mahras” olive variety exhibits unique genetic diversity at the molecular level, which contributes to the preservation of biodiversity and environmental sustainability in the region. This species is considered a living heritage that contributes to enhancing cultural identity and biodiversity in Jordan.

Jordan has a unique and rich biodiversity, especially with regard to different types of plants, which makes it one of the leading countries in the world in this field. Research conducted by the National Agricultural Research Center (NARC) shows Jordan’s importance as a home to a diversity of plants, especially olives, which are considered an essential part of the Kingdom’s agricultural and cultural heritage.

Genetic diversity of olive trees:

Olives are considered one of the most important crops in Jordan, and scientific research conducted at the National Center for Agricultural Research shows the importance of different varieties of olive trees, such as Maharas, Karod and Oud, and how these varieties can contribute to enhancing the economic and environmental value of olives in Jordan.

Economic and environmental value of olive oil:

Olive oil extracted from Maharas trees is considered one of the best types of olive oil in the world, and is characterized by a unique flavor and high nutritional value. This oil contributes to strengthening the national economy through its export to many countries around the world, and the global demand for Jordanian olive oil demonstrates the importance of enhancing production and export.

Development and improvement projects:

The National Center for Agricultural Research is developing new projects aimed at improving the quality of olive oil and increasing its economic value. These projects focus on providing farmers with new and innovative technologies, such as pressing machines for Maharas trees, to ensure obtaining the best quality olive oil.

Promoting agricultural tourism:

Developing agricultural tourism is an important part of national plans to boost the Jordanian economy. Developing tourism in olive growing areas contributes to attracting tourists to rural areas and enhancing biological and cultural diversity in Jordan.


Ajloun olive oil, especially the “Mahras” variety, is considered one of the best types of olive oil in Jordan and the world, thanks to its quality, flavor, and high nutritional value. This unique oil shows how cultural and historical heritage can contribute to the production of high-quality olive oil that delivers multiple health and nutritional benefits, making it an ideal choice for those looking for a luxurious, healthy olive oil.

New research and projects demonstrate the importance of olives in Jordan, not only as a source of fine oil, but also as part of national heritage and biodiversity. Promoting scientific research and agricultural development in the field of olives is an important step towards achieving sustainable development and preserving the cultural and environmental heritage of the Kingdom.

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