Royal Academy for Nature Conservation Restaurant: Ajloun’s charming jewel

مطعم الأكاديمية الملكية لحماية الطبيعة

In the heart of the Jordanian city of Ajloun, on the outskirts of its majestic green mountains, the Royal Academy for Nature Conservation Restaurant stands as a unique oasis that combines picturesque nature and authentic Jordanian heritage. The restaurant is considered one of the most prominent tourist attractions in the city, as it is not just a traditional restaurant, but rather a cultural and environmental experience that takes the visitor on a journey through the history and nature of the region.

The restaurant is located in a strategic location that provides a panoramic view of the city of Ajloun and its green mountains. Inside, the restaurant is distinguished by its unique architectural design that embraces and respects nature. The restaurant was built on environmental foundations, as local natural materials were used in construction, and the focus was on preserving the nature surrounding the restaurant.

Royal Academy for Nature Conservation Restaurant.

What distinguishes the restaurant most is its diverse menu, which offers a wide range of authentic Arab and Jordanian foods. From mouth-watering grills to kibbeh and tagine, the restaurant offers an unforgettable dining experience. Not only that, but the restaurant also offers some distinctive international foods that suit the taste of visitors from different cultures.

It is worth noting that the restaurant is part of a larger project, the Royal Academy for Nature Conservation, which aims to promote environmental awareness and protect nature in the region. Therefore, visiting the restaurant is not just a dining experience, but rather an educational and cultural experience that seeks to convey the message of protecting the environment and national heritage.

The Royal Academy for Nature Conservation Restaurant is considered one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Ajloun, and it is an ideal destination for visitors looking for a unique experience that combines nature, culture, and authentic Jordanian heritage.

Ajloun Forest Reserve: a charming nature oasis.

مطعم الأكاديمية الملكية لحماية الطبيعة

Ajloun Forest Reserve is located in the heart of the highlands of Ajloun Governorate, north of the Jordanian capital, Amman. The reserve covers an area of approximately 13 square kilometers and is surrounded by oak, pine, carob, wild strawberry and wild pistachio trees. These trees are of special importance to the local population, as they are a source of firewood and have aesthetic, medicinal and nutritional value.

Over the centuries, the city of Ajloun has witnessed the settlement of several human civilizations, thanks to its moderate climate, dense forests, and fertile soil. The traces of these civilizations are evident in the archaeological sites scattered in the forests and villages surrounding the reserve.

Ajloun Forest Reserve is an ideal place to enjoy the tranquility and beauty of nature. The reserve includes many wild plants and animals, including the striped hyena, beech dart, and crested porcupine, which are rare animals and difficult to find outside the reserve. In the spring, the reserve blooms with bright colors of wildflowers, such as anemones and rock roses.

Accommodation and food in Ajloun Forest Reserve

مطعم الأكاديمية الملكية لحماية الطبيعة في

In addition to its natural beauty, Ajloun Forest Reserve offers diverse accommodation and dining options. Visitors can enjoy a unique experience at the reserve, where they can stay in comfortable log cabins and enjoy delicious local food and drinks.

Hiking trails in the reserve

For adventurers and walking enthusiasts, the reserve offers various walking trails that pass through forests and hills, where visitors can enjoy viewing stunning nature and learning about local flora and fauna.

In conclusion, the Ajloun Forest Reserve is considered one of the most prominent tourist attractions in the Kingdom of Jordan, and it is an ideal destination for anyone looking for a unique and distinctive natural experience.

مطعم الأكاديمية الملكية لحماية الطبيعة في محمية غابات

Tourism in Ajloun.

When we talk about tourism in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, sites such as Petra and Wadi Rum may come to mind, but Ajloun, that green mountain city, retains a special charm that makes it one of the most prominent tourist destinations in Jordan.

1. History of Ajloun:

Ajloun is located in northern Jordan and is distinguished by its ancient history that extends back thousands of years. The city witnessed the settlement of several civilizations, and its strategic location contributed to making it an important point on the ancient trade route. One of the most prominent historical landmarks in Ajloun is Ajloun Castle, which was built by the Salahi prince Ismail bin Abdullah in the twelfth century to protect the region from Crusade attacks.

2. Enchanting nature:

Ajloun is characterized by its picturesque nature, as dense forests cover most of the areas, and the Ajloun Forest Reserve is considered one of the most important natural reserves in the Kingdom. The reserve includes many trees such as oak and pine, in addition to various animals.

3. Activities and adventures:

For adventurers and nature lovers, Ajloun offers countless opportunities to enjoy walking and hiking in the forests and hills. Visitors can also go horse or mountain biking and camping under the stars.

4. Cultural events:

Ajloun hosts many cultural and heritage events, where visitors can learn about local traditions and customs and enjoy traditional songs and dances.

5. Local foods:

The tourism experience in Ajloun is not complete without tasting local foods. The most famous foods to try are the traditional Jordanian “Mansaf” and the famous “Kunafa” dessert.

In conclusion, Ajloun is considered one of the most beautiful Jordanian cities that combines charming nature and ancient history. If you are looking for a tourist destination that offers a unique and distinctive experience, Ajloun is the perfect choice.

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