Olive stud Ajlouni.


Rasay’ olives, or pickled olives, are a popular product prepared in Ajloun. Selected olives are carefully prepared and immersed in brine with garlic, chili peppers and olive leaves to impart their distinctive flavour. The olives are left in this solution for a while before they are washed and filled with a solution of premium organic olive oil. Rasaya olives are a delicious and distinctive addition to appetizers and main dishes and add a distinctive and rich flavor to the dishes.

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In a beautiful village in Ajloun, there’s a family that adores olives. The village boasts an ideal climate and fertile soil for growing high-quality olives.

When the olives are fully ripe, the family embarks on a journey to harvest the fruits. Everyone dresses in traditional attire and carries sacks made of burlap, a plain woven fabric, to collect the olives.

The process of preparing pickled olives, or “Rasayef”, begins after the harvest. The olives are placed in a large container and submerged in fresh water and salt. Local herbs such as garlic, chili pepper, and olive leaves are added to the container to impart a distinctive flavor.

The olives are left in the saline solution for a period ranging from two weeks to a month, allowing them to absorb the flavors and spices, transforming them into delicious pickled olives.

After the fermentation period, the olives are soaked in pure water to remove excess salt. They are then bottled and filled with a solution of premium organic olive oil, helping to preserve their flavor and quality.

Pickled olives from Ajloun are a unique and tasty product that adds a distinctive flavor to appetizers and meals. They can be used in preparing salads, pizzas, sandwiches, and even main dishes.

This is the story of the stages of preparing delicious pickled olives in Ajloun. This story highlights the care and skill present in Ajloun.

Benefits of Pickled Olives:

  1. Heart Health: Olives contain oleic acid, which helps regulate good cholesterol levels in the blood, improving heart health and protecting against arteriosclerosis.
  2. Weight Loss: Olives are low in calories and high in dietary fiber, helping to induce a feeling of fullness.
  3. Digestion: Olives aid in improving digestion due to their dietary fiber content.
  4. Reducing Inflammation: Olives contain Vitamin E, an antioxidant that protects cells from damage.
  5. Blood Sugar Regulation: Olives help regulate blood sugar levels due to their monounsaturated fats.
  6. Cancer Prevention: They prevent the growth of cancerous tumors in the body due to their antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.
  7. Improved Circulation: Olives help improve blood circulation and increase blood flow in the veins.
  8. Anemia Treatment: Olives, especially the black variety, are high in iron, helping treat anemia.
  9. Eye Diseases: Olives contain Vitamin A, beneficial for treating eye problems like cataracts, macular degeneration, and glaucoma.

Potential Harms:

  • It’s advised for patients with high blood pressure to avoid consuming pickled olives in large quantities due to their high sodium content from the salt.

Recommended Quantity:

  • Doctors recommend consuming no more than a quarter cup of pickled olives per day.

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يسمح فقط للزبائن مسجلي الدخول الذين قاموا بشراء هذا المنتج ترك مراجعة.

نحن في منصة حكاية عجلون نهتم برضا عملائنا ونسعى لتقديم منتجات عالية الجودة. إذا كنت غير راضٍ عن المنتج الذي استلمته، نحن نقدم سياسة إرجاع مرنة تهدف إلى ضمان راحتك ورضاك التام.

  1. فترة الإرجاع: يمكنك إرجاع المنتج المشترى في غضون 3 أيام من تاريخ استلامه.

  2. حالة المنتج: يجب أن يكون المنتج في حالته الأصلية غير المستخدمة ويشمل جميع العناصر والملحقات التي تم تضمينها في العبوة الأصلية.

  3. عملية الإرجاع: يرجى الاتصال بفريق خدمة العملاء لدينا وتزويدهم بتفاصيل الطلب وسبب الإرجاع. سيقدمون لك التوجيه اللازم بشأن عملية الإرجاع وطريقة إرسال المنتج إلينا.

  4. رسوم الإرجاع: يمكن أن تكون هناك رسوم إرجاع قابلة للتطبيق، مثل تكاليف الشحن أو رسوم المعالجة. ستتم مراجعة الرسوم وإبلاغك بها قبل استكمال عملية الإرجاع.

  5. معالجة الإرجاع: بمجرد استلامنا للمنتج المرتجع والتحقق من حالته، سنقوم بمعالجة الإرجاع واسترداد المبلغ وفقًا لسياسة الاسترجاع المعتمدة. يُرجى ملاحظة أنه قد يستغرق بعض الوقت لظهور المبلغ المسترد في حسابك بناءً على طريقة الدفع الأصلية.

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