High quality Beqri municipal ghee from Ajloun


Ajloun’s traditional ghee is a premium product crafted with care and love in the heart of Ajloun’s mountains. It is distinguished by its rich flavor and smooth texture, and it is used in the preparation of many delicious dishes. It embodies a cultural heritage and a unique taste, reflecting tenderness and care in every drop.

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In a tranquil and enchanting spot in the mountains of Ajloun, the residents live a life dedicated to hard work in their green and lush farms. Each person owns a small piece of land, where magnificent olive trees grow and flourish in every season.

Among the olive trees lies a special story, a story that pulsates with generosity and tenderness. Here resides a farmer, a strong woman who lives by ancient traditions passed down from generation to generation. From a young age, she learned the art of making traditional ghee from her grandmother, and this ancient craft has been handed down through the generations.

The simple process begins with collecting fresh milk from happy and healthy dairy cows that graze in the meadows of Ajloun. The fresh milk is carefully processed, filtered, and purified to ensure utmost purity. It is then transformed into butter in a large pot made of pure copper, simmered over low heat to preserve the original flavor and high quality.

The handmade butter is continuously blended with love and care until it turns into golden and smooth ghee. The ghee is then poured into traditional wooden vessels, cooled, and collected with the family’s distinctive logo.

Ajloun’s traditional ghee possesses an irresistible flavor, as the rich taste of fresh milk blends with a hint of salt to create its distinctive character. It melts on the tongue and offers a wonderful taste experience.

When the ghee reaches consumers, a new journey of flavors and appetizing recipes begins.

Ajloun’s ghee is in the skilled hands of women in the kitchens. It is used in the preparation of many delicious and beloved dishes. On family Fridays, Ajloun’s ghee is used to prepare the famous Mansaf meal, where family and friends gather around the table to savor the grilled meat and soft rice covered in delicious ghee.

Ajloun’s ghee is also used in the preparation of traditional desserts. It is melted and combined with hot syrup to create mouthwatering Qatayef and crispy Kunafa. Children and adults alike adore these desserts, rich with the flavor of Ajloun’s ghee, which gives them their distinct texture and unique taste.

In every drop of Ajloun’s traditional ghee, a rich cultural heritage and devoted care come to life. It is the spirit and gem of Ajloun, reflected in its delicious taste and its long journey from the green fields to the family table. Beauty and dedication manifest in every sip and bite. It is a love story embodied in the flavor and aroma of Ajloun’s traditional ghee.

Thanks to its high quality and wonderful taste, Ajloun’s ghee has gained wide acclaim across the country. It has become the focus of attention for visitors and tourists who flock to Ajloun to experience this unique treasure. Purchasing Ajloun’s ghee is a ticket to discovering the heritage and culture of the region and indulging in its authentic flavors.

Over time, Ajloun’s traditional ghee has become an ambassador for the agricultural heritage and authentic taste of the region.

Ajloun’s traditional ghee symbolizes tenderness, care, and deep-rooted heritage. It is an unforgettable culinary delight that transports you to the ambiance of the past and renews memories of family and love. It is not just a product; it is the embodiment of the heritage and culture of Ajloun Governorate.

If you wish to experience a small piece of this enchantment, immerse yourself in the story of Ajloun’s traditional ghee and let its flavor take you on an unforgettable journey of love between the land and the table.

Benefits of Animal Ghee.

Animal ghee, specifically from sources like cows, buffaloes, and sheep, is a natural product that has been an integral part of dietary supplements. It boasts a plethora of health and cosmetic benefits. Here are some of the notable benefits as mentioned:

Health Benefits:

  • Protection against heart diseases and arteriosclerosis due to its antioxidants.
  • Maintenance of gut health and improvement of thyroid functions.
  • Strengthening bones and preventing osteoporosis.
  • Boosting immunity and enhancing the digestive system’s health.
  • Protection against cancer and reducing blood sugar levels.

Cosmetic Benefits:

  • Strengthening and purifying the skin.
  • Treating wounds and burns and moisturizing the skin.
  • Smoothing and strengthening hair, preventing hair fall.

Special Benefits for Women:

  • Protection against uterine fibroids.
  • Mood enhancement and energy boost during pregnancy.
  • Promoting digestive system health.

Special Benefits for Men:

  • Strengthening nerves and protecting against back spine inflammations.
  • Enhancing sexual potency and increasing sperm motility.

Ghee and Honey:

  • Maintaining eye health and softening the skin.
  • Improving the health of the nervous colon.

This is just a summary of some of the benefits, but animal ghee contains many other advantages that make it an essential dietary supplement.

Uses of Animal Ghee.

Animal ghee has been a staple in many cultures around the world since ancient times, serving a variety of purposes. Here are some of its prominent uses:

In Cooking: Animal ghee is a favorite ingredient in many traditional recipes, adding a distinct and rich flavor to dishes. It’s used for frying and grilling due to its high smoke point, making it ideal for such cooking methods.

As a Natural Moisturizer: Owing to its nourishing properties, animal ghee is used in many cosmetic recipes as a natural skin moisturizer, especially in areas prone to severe dryness.

For Hair Care: Animal ghee is a natural remedy for damaged and dry hair. It can be combined with other ingredients like honey or herbs to prepare natural hair masks.

As Fuel: In some regions, animal ghee was historically used as fuel for lighting before the discovery of electricity.

In Traditional Medicine: Animal ghee is a component of many traditional medicinal recipes for treating various ailments and injuries, such as wounds and burns.

As a Preservative: Before the advent of refrigeration, animal ghee was used to preserve foods. Meats and fish were immersed in ghee to keep them preserved for extended periods.

In conclusion, animal ghee is a versatile substance that holds special value in various cultures and continues to maintain its significance in many societies to this day.


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