Ajlouni olive salad


Ajlouni Olive Salad is a fresh masterpiece made from ripe Ajlouni olives, infused with natural herb flavors and a touch of zesty lemon. It’s a unique culinary experience that combines rich flavors with the ancient heritage of Ajloun, adding a distinctive taste to your dishes and evoking pride in our agricultural traditions.

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Welcome to the enchanting Ajloun Governorate, where the olive salad is considered one of the most important products we offer to the world. Our history stretches through time, and the story of our product speaks of the comprehensive flavor journey of Ajlouni Olive Salad.

Our journey begins in our sunny green fields, where olive trees grow with love and care. Ripe olives are carefully handpicked, selecting the best and highest quality fruits.

After the olives are collected, the journey moves to the Ajlouni households, where the olives are sorted and meticulously washed to remove any impurities. Then, the olives are chopped into small pieces and placed in a large bowl.

To the fresh and chopped olives, local aromatic herbs and fresh vegetables that emulate the splendor of our land are added. The herbs and vegetables blend together to give the Ajlouni Olive Salad its unique spices and appetizing flavor.

The journey continues in our charming kitchen, where pure organic local olive oil is added along with a sprinkle of zesty lemon. The Ajlouni Olive Salad is presented in a beautiful bowl, ready to be tasted and enjoyed with the most delicious fresh flavors.

However, the Ajlouni Olive Salad goes beyond its delectable taste. It is a story of our passion for olives and our rich heritage, expressing a deep pride in our agricultural and cultural legacy. It represents the dedicated efforts of our families in preserving our traditions and offering the best we have to food enthusiasts.

The Ajlouni Olive Salad is an artistic masterpiece that combines natural flavors and fresh ingredients. It reflects our deep journey in the world of olives, where skill and attention to detail meet to create an unforgettable dining experience.

Savor the rich taste of fresh Ajlouni olives infused with herbal flavors, with a touch of lemon acidity that adds a perfect balance. Feel close to nature and enjoy the amazing story of Ajloun that transcends from our green fields to your table.

If you’re seeking a unique and distinctive culinary experience, the Ajlouni Olive Salad is the perfect choice. Discover the sweetness, bitterness, and delightful texture of this unique product that reflects our ancient heritage and evokes pride in every bite.

Enjoy the Ajlouni Olive Salad and explore the flavor and heritage journey that comes alive in every piece.

Ingredients of Olive Salad.

Olive salad contains a range of rich ingredients.

  • Olives.
  • Carrots.
  • Walnuts.

Benefits of Olive Salad.

Olive salad is considered a healthy and nutritious dish, containing ingredients rich in beneficial nutrients for the body. Here are the benefits of the olive salad made from walnuts, olives, carrots, and sometimes chili:

  • Olives: Olives are packed with powerful antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that help strengthen the immune system and protect the heart. They also assist in regulating blood cholesterol levels.
  • Walnuts: Walnuts are a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, which help reduce inflammation and improve heart health. They also contain antioxidants that combat free radicals.
  • Carrots: Carrots are rich in vitamin A, which aids in improving eye health and strengthening the skin. They also contain dietary fiber, which aids digestion.
  • Chili: Chilies contain capsaicin, which helps stimulate metabolism and burn fat. They also act as an antibacterial agent and help strengthen the immune system.

When these ingredients are combined into one salad, you get a meal rich in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that help promote overall health and strengthen the immune system. This salad is also a healthy choice for those following a balanced diet.


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