Vinegar is an essential and distinctive ingredient in the world of cuisine, and is considered an essential part of the world’s food heritage. Among these distinctive types of vinegar, we offer you a unique vinegar product that is distinguished by its flavor and health benefits.

عرض جميع النتائج 2

100% natural Ajloun grape vinegar

Ajloun's grape vinegar, a drop of luxury and nature. It is characterized by its balanced acidity and aromatic fragrance, adding a distinctive touch to your favorite dishes. Enjoy the rich flavor and high quality of this unique product.

100% natural apple cider vinegar from Ajloun

The enchanting Apple Cider Vinegar from Ajloun is a unique product known for its natural and refreshing nature. It is carefully crafted from the rich and ripe Ajloun apples, undergoing a fermentation process to transform it into a natural vinegar. It boasts an amber color, a refreshing aroma, and a well-balanced flavor. Use it to enhance dishes and promote health, as it is the magical natural vinegar that adds a special touch to your meals and beverages. A unique experience to enjoy the benefits of nature in every drop.