Local virgin olive oil from Ajloun Governorate is a luxurious and natural product characterized by high quality and unique flavour. It is extracted from the fruits of olive trees that grow in the fertile soil of the mountainous Ajloun region in Jordan. The fruits are hand-harvested in the fall and pressed within a few hours to maintain high quality and nutritional value.

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Ajloun local virgin olive oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a unique product crafted in Ajloun, combines high quality and authentic taste. Extracted from pure olives with utmost care, it adds a wonderful touch to your dishes and enriches the cooking experience with its exquisite flavor. Enjoy the beauty of nature and the heritage of fertile lands with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the symbol of quality and authenticity.

Ajlouni olive salad

Ajlouni Olive Salad is a fresh masterpiece made from ripe Ajlouni olives, infused with natural herb flavors and a touch of zesty lemon. It's a unique culinary experience that combines rich flavors with the ancient heritage of Ajloun, adding a distinctive taste to your dishes and evoking pride in our agricultural traditions.

Black olives with natural olive oil from Ajloun

Black olives, a natural masterpiece from the land of Ajloun. It is distinguished by its rich dark color and unique flavor that combines mild acidity with a rich texture. Black olives are the perfect companion for your table, adding a touch of luxury and flavor to various dishes. Discover a new world of taste and quality with the unique Ajlouni black olives.

Olive stud Ajlouni.

Rasay' olives, or pickled olives, are a popular product prepared in Ajloun. Selected olives are carefully prepared and immersed in brine with garlic, chili peppers and olive leaves to impart their distinctive flavour. The olives are left in this solution for a while before they are washed and filled with a solution of premium organic olive oil. Rasaya olives are a delicious and distinctive addition to appetizers and main dishes and add a distinctive and rich flavor to the dishes.