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عرض جميع النتائج 5

Dried loofah from Ajloun Mountains 100 grams

The authentic "Loof" plant from Ajloun is a unique natural product, known for its vibrant purple flowers and pure fragrance. It is used in the production of natural cosmetics and perfumes, adding a touch of beauty and purity to your daily routine. It is also used as a main ingredient in culinary dishes. Experience the purity of nature with the authentic "Loof" plant and explore its high quality and numerous natural benefits.

Dried sage from the Ajloun Mountains

Dried marjoram from Ajloun, a symbol of authenticity and quality. It is carefully cultivated in the fertile lands of Ajloun and dried meticulously to preserve its aromatic flavor. It is an ideal addition to grilled dishes and sauces, adding a unique touch and distinctive flavor to the dishes. Discover the quality of dried marjoram and enhance your cooking experience with a touch of genuine nature.

Fresh and local Ajloun thyme (Dukka)

Ajloun's freshly roasted thyme is a natural and aromatic touch that comes from the peaks of Ajloun mountains. Fresh thyme is carefully harvested, dried, finely ground, and blended with sumac, sesame, and exquisite spices. It is distinguished by its distinct roasted flavor and aromatic fragrance, making it an invaluable addition to your favorite dishes. Enjoy the fresh and unique flavor of the mountains with Ajloun's freshly roasted thyme.

Local sumac ajlouni

Baladi Sumac, a natural marvel from Ajloun. Ripe fruits come together in a unique powder, adding a distinctive flavor and a touch of citrus to dishes. An unforgettable taste experience that takes you on a journey to the fertile lands of Ajloun.

Natural Ajloun batm

Ajloun's natural pistachio is a delightful treasure that brings a burst of flavor to your palate. Harvested from the lush pistachio trees in Ajloun, it is renowned for its vibrant color and exquisite taste. Indulge in its rich, nutty flavor and savor the unique essence it adds to your culinary creations. Explore the enchantment of Ajloun's natural pistachio and elevate your favorite dishes to new heights.