Molasses is a traditional and beloved ingredient in the kitchen, and is an essential source of flavor and depth in many dishes. The molasses product we offer is distinguished by its high quality and unique flavor that reflects the rich nutritional heritage.

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Ajloun natural carob molasses

Ajloun's natural carob molasses is a masterpiece from the fertile nature of Ajloun. It is extracted from ripe carob fruits and carefully dried. It is characterized by its thick texture and rich, sweet flavor, making it a wonderful addition to various dishes and desserts. Enjoy the taste of authenticity and nature with the delicious natural carob molasses of Ajloun.

Ajlouni grape molasses 100% natural


Grape molasses from Ajloun is a natural masterpiece that embodies the rich taste of grapes and distinctive flavor. It is carefully crafted from the finest grape varieties cultivated in the plains of Ajloun, where the clusters are separated and pressed to enjoy the freshness of grape juice. The juice is then slowly simmered over low heat to produce the dense and concentrated grape molasses. Discover its rich texture, deep color, and unique sweet flavor, and enjoy its appetizing addition to your favorite dishes. It is not just a product; it is a drop of Ajloun's indulgent nature.

Ajlouni pomegranate molasses 100% natural

Ajloun's natural pomegranate molasses is a drop of nature's delight. It is made from ripe pomegranates and carefully processed. It is distinguished by its delicious tangy flavor and thick texture. Enjoy the wonderful taste and health benefits that Ajloun's natural pomegranate molasses offers in every drop.