Honey classification includes a variety of unique natural products. We can enjoy general flower honey that has a wide variety of flavours, as the nectar of many different flowers is collected. There is also premium Sidr honey, which has a deep, distinct flavour, and wild forest honey, which is collected from wild plants and carries a distinct taste of the wild. Honey classifications reflect the diversity of flavors and natural sources available in the surrounding environment.

عرض جميع النتائج 2

100% natural citrus honey from Ajloun

Citrus Honey is a delightful product crafted in Ajloun, Jordan. It captures the essence of citrus fruits, offering a refreshing and balanced acidity. With its invigorating flavor and beneficial properties, it is a true treasure that showcases the excellence of Ajloun's citrus orchards.

100% natural Sidr honey from Ajloun

Sidr honey is a premium natural product made in Ajloun, Jordan. It is characterized by its deep color and rich flavor, embracing the essence of Ajloun's land and ancient heritage. It represents the magnificence and enchantment of the region and is considered one of the rare and distinguished honey in the world. It is a unique product that combines high quality and health benefits, providing an unforgettable experience for honey enthusiasts.