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Cap medallion graduated from wool knitting

The knitted graduation cap is a unique handmade product that reflects joy and accomplishment. It is an ideal gift for graduates, a keepsake they can hold onto for many years.

Hand-stitched rose medallion.

In the world of handicrafts, the hand-stitched rose medallion stands out for its simple and elegant beauty. Its story begins with soft wool threads that are expertly transformed into a beautiful rose by the hands of skilled craftsmen. This small rose, which carries a lot of love and care in its delicate details, turns into a medallion that can be used as an ornament for keys or bags, adding a touch of beauty and elegance to everything it touches.

Handmade baby blanket

The hand-knitted baby blanket is a unique handmade product that provides comfort and security for the little child. It is an ideal gift for newborns, a keepsake that parents can hold onto for many years.